Rescue REUSABLE Fly Trap with Attractant Control SAFE

Rescue REUSABLE Fly Trap with Attractant Control SAFE
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Product Description

Reusable Fly Trap What it catches This trap catches hundreds of species of common nuisance or filth flies. The trap is baited for the most prevalent species including house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others.

How it works The trap comes with a water-soluble pouch of powder attractant. When the jar is filled with warm water and the trap is placed outside, the attractant dissolves and activates quickly.

Refill attractants, sold in packages containing three pouches each, allow this trap to be reused again and again.

Unique features and benefits Fast-acting attractant Just add water Simple and economical to reuse Durable plastic container holds up in sunlight for seasons of use Refills available What kills the insects Once lured inside, the flies drown in the water added to the trap