Jimmy's Hangin Balls

Jimmy's Hangin Balls
Item# TREAT-001

Product Description

As you well know, along with stall boredom comes stall walking, weaving, cribbing, kicking the walls, and my all time favorite... chewing down the barn.

Now you can help eliminate this problem with my new product, Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls. Your horse will spend hours trying to lick and grab this ball !

Not only is it great tasting, it's packed with vitamins and minerals essential for the horse's everyday needs.

Have you ever noticed the powder at the bottom of your horse's feeder? That, my friend, is the vitamin and mineral parts that some horses leave behind.

With Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls, your horse will eat the whole thing!

Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls come in four flavors: apple, carrot, peppermint and molasses.