Ice Horse Tendon Wraps with Ice Packs PAIR

Ice Horse Tendon Wraps with Ice Packs PAIR
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Product Description

Item: Ice Horse Tendon Boots Pair

Size: One Size Fits All

What you will get: Two tendon wraps with 4 re-freezable/heatable inserts

Description: Our top-quality insulated cannon bone/tendon leg wraps stay cold for up to two hours of convenient and thorough cooling of the tendons, ligaments, muscles and connective tissue. The unique design both conforms to the horse's leg and provides optimum compression, assisting the cold penetration of inflamed soft tissue. After just three hours in the freezer, they're ready to use again.

Because there are also times when heat therapy is called for, our wraps can just as easily be used for targeted heat application.

Suggested Retail: $85.00