Equine Couture Fly Bonnet - Navy

Equine Couture Fly Bonnet - Navy
Item# EAR-023

Product Description

The Fly Bonnet with Silver Rope & Crystals by Equine Couture will surely turn some heads in the ring. Solid-colored knitted material along with a row of crystals and silver rope will add a shiny compliment to any basic saddle pad, polo wraps or riding outfit! Horse and rider will surely stand out in this eye-catching bonnet. Ear bonnets are a great choice to block flies around the ears in the hot summer time. Horses that are hyper-sensitive to sound will appreciate the muffling effect that bonnets provide, creating a more focused horse. The Spandex fabric allows for total ear rotation and freedom of movement. With a knit/crochet pattern, many holes allow for adequate air flow. Washing Instructions - Hand washing with a mild detergent in cold water and lay flat to dry, when needed.

Crystal and Rope Detailing Fly Control Sound Muffling 100% Cotton- Spandex Ears